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  • Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT
    27 October 2020
    Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

    Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT

    Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT

    TALULA | 29.04.2020 | 2.32 GB


    Ethnic String Phrases continues our journey deep within the cultures of India and China. It is a toolbox for composers, invented to capture the exceptional magic of live performed instruments. Esraj & Erhu phrases embody the honest emotional expression being the core of music. Providing the enormous vitality of two traditional string instruments. An unbelievably sincere feeling, enabling it to enliven every musical setting. The outcome is a versatile and easy-to-use instrument with a huge variety of overwhelming string phrases.

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    • SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes KONTAKT
      27 October 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

      SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes KONTAKT


      FANTASTiC | Nov 26 2016 | 6.13 GB

      Whoosh and transition sounds

      From almighty high speed screeching whooshes to softer, slower swishes and everything in between, this huge collection of 24-bit Wav samples has been created using the presets inside Gothic Instruments SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes Kontakt instrument.  Create speed, drama, tension and surprise in your music – whether you’re creating soundtracks for movie trailers and video games or just need a source of unique transition sounds to smooth over changes in your music, this audio pack is a must-have addition to your SFX toolbox.  And, as there’s a strong chance that this audio pack will get your fingers itching to manipulate and craft sounds yourself, when you buy this pack you’ll automatically receive a £15 discount code to use against the full SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes instrument (requires full version of Kontakt).

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      • Ambient Electronica For MASSiVE
        26 October 2020
        Categories: MASSiVE, NMSV, Presets

        Ambient Electronica For MASSiVE

        Ambient Electronica MASSiVE

        Team FLARE | 25 October 2020 | 127 KB

        Ambient Electronica contains 60 artistically crafted massive presets for Chill Electronica production. Fusing synth programming techniques of glo-fi, future RnB and Electro, you get smooth and sparky lovesounds for your next production. The sounds are for Cinematic, Future Electronica, Downtempo, Chillwave, Hip-Hop, Chillout, Future RnB,Trap, Deep House, Tropical House, and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more synthy chill textures to your music. All 60 presets have all 8 macro controls assigned for full sound-sculpting convenient.

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        • South American Flutes WAV-FLARE
          26 October 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          South American Flutes WAV-FLARE

          South American Flutes

          Team FLARE | 25 October 2020 | 152 MB

          ‘South American Flutes’ features a collection of native American flutes ready to enrich your tracks or current media project. Inside you will find high quality recordings of a range of different instruments, such as Pan Flute, Pan Pipe, North American Flute, Quenacho and Quena. All files are key and tempo labelled and ready to complement your production library. Just drag and drop any of these sounds right into your DAW. These samples are suitable for a range of applications, such as Electronic Music, World, Cinematic and more.

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          • Scoring Piano KONTAKT-DECiBEL
            26 October 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

            Scoring Piano KONTAKT-DECiBEL

            Scoring Piano KONTAKT

            Team DECiBEL | 28 Apr 2020 | 18.92 GB

            Scoring Piano is a Steinway Model B piano, sampled in a great studio near Florence, Tuscany. This instrument will find a perfect spot for any kind of soundtrack and, like My Piano, for jazz and classical music. We have tried to take the softest dynamics particularly into account. Moreover, thanks to our Dynamic Range Control, it is very easy to achieve that “Thomas Newman” cinematic sound. In addition to this, Scoring Piano features a great dynamic range, enabling you to play any kind of music genres. Our new instrument features lots of sound crafting controls, EQ, Reverb, three mixable mic positions and controls for pedal resonances and noises. We have avoided to include fancy effects, like delay, compressor and so on. Not only the quality of these effects in Kontakt is up to debate but also we have simply aimed at a great natural sounding piano.

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            • Ethnic Pop Vocals MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL
              24 October 2020

              Ethnic Pop Vocals MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL

              Ethnic Pop Vocals

              Team DECiBEL | 26 Apr 2020 | 536.1 MB

              ‘Ethnic Pop Vocals Vol 1’ is an endlessly useful collection of inspiring vocal samples, recorded and mixed by an Ethno-musicologist. Aside from magesy download setting the scene in a Cinematic or World Music composition, use these samples to add another dimension to a Hip Hop track or put them to work in your next Psytrance, Techno or Tech House track. These loops perfectly showcase the Russian throat singing style and we’re proud to introduce you to this sound (if you weren’t familiar with it already). Vocals are supplied dry, wet and with tails, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate them into any section of your production.

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              • Intencity MULTiFORMAT
                23 October 2020

                Intencity MULTiFORMAT

                Intencity MULTiFORMAT

                P2P | 23 October 2020 | 2.23 GB

                EXS24, HALiON, KONTAKT, NNXT, AiFF, WAV

                Welcome to INTENCITY – over 1.6GB of blood, sweat and tears! Chilling atmospheres and noises, aggressive cinematic FX, hulkingly heavy guitars and basslines, suspense-filled music and synth loops as well as haunting piano and viola riffs that lean towards the intense side of the cinematic soundscape genre. INTENCITY has been created by AMBASSADOR21 the often imitated but never equalled industrial duo from magesy download Belarus. AMBASSADOR21 always balance on the edge. Their music is a breaking point, where industrial, hardcore, metal and breakbeat blend together in a unique apocalyptic mix. These powerful, extreme sounds create intense emotions and are ideal for fashioning suspense and tension in whichever form of music you are creating whether that be cinematic soundtracks, TV, video, gaming or electronic dance music with an industrial feel. The library comes with an elegant and easy to use Kontakt interface that will help you create entirely new sounds from magesy download the existing samples. Not only are there 6 individual filters, ADSR and LFO there is also easy access to a whole array of effects, including delay, reverb and modulation that will help you sculpt and shape your sounds to perfection.

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