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  • Genetics WAV MiDi SOUNDS-DECiBEL
    1 December 2020

    Genetics WAV MiDi SOUNDS-DECiBEL

    Genetics WAV MiDi

    DECiBEL | 01 Dec 2020 | 300.2MB

    Genetics” Hi-Hat + Melody Kit Includes 100 Hi Hat and 50 Melody Midi + 20 Bonus Samples created by Perdu and Synthetic – in the style of Hyperpop, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Pyrex and many more!

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    • Thrilling Cinema SAMPLES WAV
      23 November 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Thrilling Cinema SAMPLES WAV

      Thrilling Cinema SAMPLES

      FANTASTiC | 23 November 2020 | WAV: 590 MB

      We are very proud to present ‘Thrilling Cinema’ packed with 945MB unique and unheard of materials all is ready to blow-up your cinematic production! This pack infused by the thrilling side of the cinematic sounds, packed with inspiring ready-to-use cues, huge cinematic drums, driving basslines, intense atmospheres, heavyweight hits, strange and thrilling melodies, epic booms, impressive pulses, mind-bending rhythmic loops, whooshes, clocks, variety of cinematic sfx etc… all is here and ready to add some tension to a thrilling sequence! You can expect to find here with 945MB of material spread over 154 Loops range from magesy download 90bpm to 140bpm and 75 Oneshots. Loops folder contains 20 Atmospheres, 5 Clocks, 27 Cues, 60 Drums, 12 Melodics, 20 Pulses and 10 Stuttered Rhythms. Oneshots folder comes with 19 Basses & Drops, 19 Booms & Hits, 20 FX Hits and 17 Whooshes. All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

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      • World Guitars WAV
        22 November 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV


        World Guitars WAV

        FANTASTiC | 17 September 2019 | 681 MB

        World Guitars is a truly original collection of sounds that will add depth and emotion to any track. In this impressive library, you’ll find a mix of styles including Bossa Nova, Jazz, Experimental, traditional South American and Chill Out vibes. These beautiful sounds originate from magesy download an exceptional variety of well-recorded acoustic instruments, including acoustic & electric guitars, Pipa Lutes, Ronrocos & Ukeleles.

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        • Explores: “Recycling” EXPERiMENTAL SAMPLES
          19 November 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          Explores: "Recycling" EXPERiMENTAL SAMPLES

          Explores: “Recycling” WAV

          FLARE | 18 Nov 2020 | 200MB

          EXPERiMENTAL / 73 Loops / 198 One Shots

          In association with MusicRecycle, Dhruv Goel presents a sample pack inspired by recycling. Recorded by Goel, Kaushlesh ‘Garry’ Purohit, and Magesy®’s Josh Robertson at a recycling yard in downtown Los Angeles, the pack features an eclectic mix of sounds originating from magesy download metal, plastic, and rubber sources. Dig into genre-bending loops and one-shots with sounds created using trash cans, broken cars, discarded PlayStations, rubber tires, and other items people deemed as waste that we saw as instruments.

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          • Experimental Vocal Pop WAV-DiSCOVER
            16 November 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Experimental Vocal Pop WAV-DiSCOVER

            Experimental Vocal Pop

            DiSCOVER | May/19Th/2020 | 619 MB

            Experimental Vocal Pop is a collection of sounds inspired by the industrial, minimal electronica and electro pop scenes. This sound is being championed by artists like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande Lapsely, CYN and Lorde as well as many others. The sounds themselves are suitable for a whole array of genres, your imagination is your only limit! This Experimental Vocal Pop library is a true family affair with our veteran sound designer Cliffhanga enlisting the vocal talents of his sister Megan. Working closely together for months on end they managed to create incredible melodies, catchy phrases and sinister vocal loops. These were then mangled, chopped, stretched and twisted into fx ready to be dragged straight into your chosen DAW.Packed full of 24bit catchy pop grooves, texturally rich foley recordings, dark musical loops and unique sinister vocal chops. All of our content has been key tagged and expertly programmed for your convenience.

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            • Tacklebox WAV
              14 November 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Tacklebox WAV

              Tacklebox WAV

              HiDERA | 17.05.2020 | 465 MB

              …The most versatile and prolific producers in the growing electronic music scene, excelling in genres like garage, dubstep, neurohop, halftime and experimental. Besides teaching, producing and collaborating with other producers…

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              • Azerbaijani Violin WAV
                13 November 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Azerbaijani Violin WAV

                Azerbaijani Violin WAV

                FANTASTiC | 13 November 2020 | 289 MB

                “Azerbaijani Violin” contains professionally played and recorded violin melodies ready to give you all that dramatic and emotional feeling with combining the traditional and the modern techniques. All these melodies reflects a perspective of synthesis of the two musical systems that are the Eastern and the Western also keep that traditional texture while applying new methods of the 20th century, specifically neo-classicism. Well are you ready to enrich your melodies and transport into a new level? In detail expect to find 536MB of raw content featuring 90 beautifully played “Violin” phrases at 90/110/130bpm and includes a dry version (w/o any additional e.q, compressor or reverb effects) and wet version of each, giving a total of 180 files. All loops are Key and tempo labeled for ease of use. All sounds are ready to fit straight in your tracks.

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                • Darkscapes: Ambient Cinematics WAV
                  3 November 2020
                  Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                  Darkscapes: Ambient Cinematics WAV

                  Darkscapes: Ambient Cinematics

                  FANTASTiC | 02 November 2020 | 799 MB

                  “Darkscapes: Ambient Cinematics” combining dark and emotional atmospheric sounds over abstract melodies and cinematic side of the Electronica! definitely a safe bet for fans of the genre! This cine-ambient themed sample pack contains huge variety of sounds which you never heard before – from magesy download shimmering soundscapes to menacing sequences, moody drums to organic ambiences, deep and dark sounding basses to soaring melodies, stunning guitar riffs to crispy snares, frantic percussions to twisted FXs, foley recordings to stunning drum hits and more…. everything you need to inspire you, we are sure you will enjoy this collection that will take your productions to the next level! You can expect to find here with 1.23GB of material spread over 212 Loops range from magesy download 80 to 140 BPM and 152 Oneshots. Loops folder contains 20 Ambiences, 35 Basses, 40 Drums, 17 Guitar Loops, 10 Percussions, 41 Sequences and 49 Soundscapes. Oneshots folder contains; 18 Bass Hits, 60 Foleys, 14 Fx Hits and 60 Drum Hits divided into 16 Hihats, 12 Kicks, 18 Percussions and 14 Snares to create your own sequenced beat. All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

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