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  • L-20 Soundset For HiVE 2
    4 November 2020
    Categories: H2P, Presets

    L-20 Soundset For HiVE 2

    L-20 Soundset HiVE 2

    MAJESTiC | May 07 2020 | 1.21 MB

    Fresh inspiration to Hive & Hive 2. 20 takes Hive out of its natural EDM comfort zone and launches it on a diametric journey of ambient pads, ethereal bright arpeggios, soaring leads, cinematic soundscapes, 80s inspired synth keys and Berlin School sequences. The soundset offers 98 original presets, featuring 64 new presets and 14 stunning variations. All presets are suitable across many genres and styles. And they are fully editable to taste. Adding an extra dimension to the set, the collection also provides 34 effects presets, focused primarily on new explorations in reverb and delay. Sculpt the sonics of any preset, ranging from magesy download subtle nuances to otherworldly gateways.

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    • Tek-Full Patch Set for U-HE HiVE
      4 October 2020
      Categories: H2P, Presets

      Tek-Full Patch Set for HiVE

      P2P | 04.12.2016 | 690 KB

      EDM or IDM, ‘Hive – Tek’ has you covered with some familiar but unique sounds for your next track or remix. This set includes not only dance/trance friendly patches, but also has your back for other EDM styles with some wobbles, some bit crushed sounds, and lots of filtering and syncopated rhythmic LFO modulations. 75 distinctive new patches, all featuring useful modwheel assignments that are ready to go. No fx or soundscapes in this pack, no filler, just 75 sounds ready to shake the speakers.

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      • Hive 2 Bass and Korg Drums Vol.1 WAV HiVE 2
        29 September 2020

        HiVE 2 Bass & Korg Drums Vol.1

        TALULA | 01.04.2020 | 101 MB

        H2P | WAV | 24-bit / 48 kHz

        Expect the unexpected – Hive 2 Bass & Korg Drums V1 is absolutely pumping bass kicking soundpack. And it have a 3 reasons to be like that – stunning Hive 2 Bass pack(ARP basses, deep & razor basslines), hi-end Korg Drums, recorded from magesy download Korg’s top hardware synthesizer workstations(which incorporate the best korg drum sections of the whole history) – Kronos & Krome and also magnificent set of transitions and impacts FX’s that can quickly fill in the gaps in your products. Breakbeat, Techno, Tech-House, Synthwave, 90’s Club House, Psychedelic Trance, Electronic and Progressive House/Trance – the list of styles in the demo presented. All sounds can be perfectly fit it.

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        • Synthwave Night Vision for U-HE HiVE
          27 September 2020
          Categories: H2P, Presets

          Synthwave Night Vision for HiVE

          P2P | 04.12.2016 | 629 KB

          Synthwave Night Vision’ is a collection of 60 patches for the U-he Hive VSTi created in the Synthwave style. Focusing mostly on analogue type sounds, these classic sounds were designed with a bit of a modern touch. Synthwave Night Vision’ is packed full of immediately playable sounds. No FX or arps, just the sounds you need to make your music stand out and come alive with the modwheel morphing.

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          • U-he Hive 2 Explained®
            20 August 2020
            Categories: Tutorials


            U-he Hive 2 Explained®

            FANTASTiC | 21 February 2020 | 415 MB

            Synth guru presents in-depth tutorials on u-he’s outstanding wavetable synth, Hive 2! Discover and learn all of its features and functions as well as how to create powerful sounds with this wonderful virtual synth. These videos are designed for new Hive 2 users. Larry welcomes you and then gives an outline of Hive 2’s functions, going through the interface and its signal flow so you get a solid foundation on its layout, including how u-he implements modulation for the synth. Next you’ll learn important preset management techniques for saving, recalling and utilizing Hive 2’s cool Junk and Favorites bin options for customizing your patch organization experience. Moving on, Larry gets to the heart of Hive 2, showing you in-detail all about its phenomenal Oscillators, Sub Oscillator, Wavetables, Frames, Filters, various Synth Engines, Envelopes and LFOs, so you can start to build your own dream synth patches. You’ll also learn about Hive 2’s Function Generators which allow for incredibly complex routings and modulations of your sound.

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            • The Hive Sample Pack WAV-FLARE
              18 July 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              The Hive Sample Pack WAV-FLARE

              The Hive Sample Pack

              FLARE | July 18 2020 | 466 MB

              TITUS is a hip hop vocalist hailing from magesy download New Jersey. His vocal remixes for the likes of San Holo and Graves have reached millions of plays on SoundCloud, and now he brings his cloud rap vocal stylings…

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              • U-he Hive v2.0.0.8676 AAX VSTi VST3 x86 x64 WiN-R2R
                2 July 2020
                Categories: AAX, U-he, VST3, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


                U-he Hive v2.0.0.8676 WiN

                TEAM R2R | 01.01.2019 | 45.45 MB

                PLATFORMS: WiN32/64 – VSTi/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

                Hive: lightweight synth, heavyweight sound Sleek, streamlined and super fast. Hive was built for speed. An effortless workflow, low cpu use and a single page interface means you can build your tracks in no time. Being ‘fast and simple’ does not mean sacrificing sound quality or creative control. Hive is packed with features, controls and enough flexibility to deliver stunning sounds. A lightweight synth with a heavyweight sound.

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                • Arena for HiVE H2P
                  1 July 2019
                  Categories: H2P, Presets


                  Arena for HiVE H2P

                  P2P | 01.07.2019 | 1.71 MB

                  Arena is high energy. A compact soundset dedicated to a single theme. From the first to the last, these presets focus on lead sounds crafted especially for infectious melodies and dramatic riffs. When developing Arena, Kevin Schroeder concentrated on creating sounds suited to the high energy of contemporary dance music. And these 50 presets certainly deliver: From searing keys to mood-altering plucks—Arena is high octane fuel for your club anthems.

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                  • Hive Science 2 for HiVE H2P
                    1 July 2019
                    Categories: H2P, Presets


                    Hive Science 2 for HiVE

                    P2P | 01.07.2019 | 2.13 MB

                    Hive Science 2, 350 presets full of style and high impact. The soundset revisits and expands on ideas from magesy download the original Hive Science. More epic pads, more stomping rhythms, more modern leads, more pensive textures, more thumping basses… more of everything. Hive Science 2 puts the sound design expertise of Howard and Kevin at your fingertips. Dive into the analogue recreations from magesy download Howard, the cinematic styles from magesy download Kevin, and the results of their collaborations. With maximum playability via realtime performance controls and Hive’s incredible audio engine, Hive Science 2 is full of fresh and vibrant sonic possibilities.

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                    • Hive Varinox For U-HE HiVE-DISCOVER
                      23 May 2019
                      Categories: H2P, Presets


                      Hive Varinox For HiVE

                      DiSCOVER | May/23Th/2019 | 22.5 MB

                      Hive Varinox is a collection of 150 patches for u-he’s Hive 1.2 synth. With a focus on organic cinematic sounds, it takes full advantage of all the new wavetables. Hive Varinox delivers inspiring fluid animated arpeggios and melodic sequences, low and powerful cinematic basses and bass lines, colorful, dynamic synths and leads, expressive keys, dark edgy cinematic drum loops and sound effects and lush atmospheric/ambient pads and textures. These sounds are heavily influenced by such TV shows as “Mr. Robot” (Mac Quayle), “The Sinner” (Ronit Kirchman) and Love, Death & Robots (Rob Cairns, Junkie XL etc). Many patches offer added adaptability programmed into the mod wheel, to make these sounds come alive.

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                      • Essential Mix For HiVE-DiSCOVER
                        12 February 2019
                        Categories: H2P, Presets


                        Essential Mix For HiVE

                        DiSCOVER | February/12Th/2019 | 1.35 MB

                        ‘Essential Mix’ contains 128 sounds for Hive synth. This soundset is inspired by a handful of classic digital synthesizers of the 80s & 90s , including the Korg Prophecy, Novation Supernova, Roland JD800 & JP-8000 & Access Virus. ‘Essential Mix’ features a diverse & musical collection of sounds, including super saws, classic synth plucks, mellow moogy basses, analogue strings, ambient synthscapes, hypnotic phaser pads, string machine emulations, DX pianos, crystal keys, vintage analogue brass and much more. All patches include modwheel & aftertouch assignments.

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