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  • Tech House Generator 2 MULTi
    24 November 2020

    Tech House Generator 2 MULTi

    Tech House Generator 2

    FANTASTiC | 24 November 2020 | 248 MB

    Sampler Patches For EXS24, Kontakt & NN-XT

    ‘Tech House Generator Vol 2’ delivers fresh and useful content, a stylish collection of modern percussive sounds and tools ready to use instantly. Fans of artists like Green Velvet and CamelPhat, and labels such as Hot Creations and Dirtybird will find this pack a must-have for their sonic weaponry. This pack features 282 WAV Loops including synths, vox, perc, bass, and drums for a total of 25 drumkits available as tops and separate parts. You also get 186 hits made up of SFX-fall shots, SFX-rise shots, snare shots, perc shots, crash shots, and more, as well as seven sampler patches. Add strenght and vitality to your next Tech-House, DeepTech or Techno masterpiece, sample Tech House Generator Vol 2 now.

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    • Tech Tips Vol.47 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
      20 November 2020
      Categories: Tutorials


      Tech Tips Vol.47 TUTORiAL

      SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 25 2019 | 1.1 GB

      … New set of tips and tricks in Ableton in Tech Tips Volume 47. Over these 10 videos Richie shares some of the tricks he uses to help keep interest and variation in his tracks, percussive tips to help improve your drums, and simple workflow techniques to speed up the creative process. We focus on breakdowns with micro-breaks, held strings and a cool use of wet/dry automation on delay and reverb. We then move on to creating our own unique beats using our voice and how to get a skipping house beat by adding percussion with different groove settings. We also look at some essential workflow tips and how to save MIDI patterns and channel defaults along with using Ableton 10’s collections to help organisation and finding what you want quicker.

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      • Minimal Tech WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE
        16 November 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Minimal Tech WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE

        Minimal Tech WAV

        AUDiOSTRiKE | 13/06/2015 | 63 MB

        Minimal and tech house sounds featuring powerful basslines, noises and sounds of space, sounds of drums and synthesizers. 170 samples and loops that make that sound that we like, This Sample Pack is a good choice for our new productions Minimal, Techno and Tech House

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        • Tech Tips Vol.51 TUTORiAL-HiDERA
          13 November 2020
          Categories: Tutorials

          Tech Tips Vol.51 TUTORiAL-HiDERA

          Tech Tips Vol.51

          HiDERA | ♪ 15.05.2020 | 2 GB

          Over these 10 tutorials, he shares some pro advice, tricks and tips to take producers of all abilities further along the path to greatness. Jaytech delves into some overlooked but fundamental concepts of how a track is listened to by an audience and how to achieve a sound that makes you want to listen to a track over and over again. Making your tracks shine along with overcoming creative blocks and slick project management – these set of Tech Tips have everything you need to level up! Go check it out!

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          • Dark Tribal Tech House WAV MiDi REX
            13 November 2020

            Dark Tribal Tech House WAV MiDi REX

            Dark Tribal Tech House

            FANTASTiC | 15 May 2020 | 956 MB

            WAV, MiDi, REX

            ‘Tribal Tech House’ from magesy download Designer Pro Samples serves up an exciting selection of tribal rhythms and grooves to suit all of your production needs. Here you will find over 480 MB of cutting-edge loops and samples, including Tech-House drums. This includes a variety of kicks, claps, snares, hats, cymbals, ride, shakers, toms, percussion, tribal tops, authentic tribal vocal layers, FX one-shots, dark syncopated percussion, heavy rolling bass loops and one-shots, synth stab loops and one-shots all with their own tribal identity. In addition to all this, ‘Tribal Tech House’ also features some essential tribal claps and snares, closed and open hats, full drum and percussion loops, shakers, toms plus much more. Every musical element is key-labelled bringing you ease of use when it comes to getting your latest Tribal Tech House track made with efficient workflow in mind. With over 480 MB of Royalty-Free loops and samples, this product will compliment any producer geared towards writing all genres of house music including Tech House, Deep House, House and Techno.

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            • Rominimal Deep Tech WAV
              12 November 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Rominimal Deep Tech WAV

              Rominimal Deep Tech

              FANTASTiC | 12 November 2020 | 114 MB

              Rominimal Deep Tech. Inspired by artists such as Cristi Cons, Priku, Arapu, Andrea Pushkarev, Petre insprerocu & More! This compact library contains the sounds you will hear at Sunwaves & the hottest DJs & Producers in the Romanian Minimal scene. Delivered with high-quality unique stabs, trippy synths, analog drums & gritty textures. This is a must-buy for any producer looking for the hottest sound right now…the Rominimal sound!

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              • Tube-Tech CL 1B v1.0.3 VST RTAS WiN-AiR
                11 November 2020
                Categories: RTAS, Softube, VST, WiNDOWS

                Tube-Tech CL 1B v1.0.3 VST RTAS WiN-AiR

                Tube-Tech CL 1B WiN

                TEAM AiR | DATE: 1/2010 | 30 MB

                Tube-Tech CL 1B is a true studio classic, heard on tons and tons of records for the past 20 years. Like its hardware counterpart, the Tube-Tech CL 1B native plug-in sounds soft, smooth, groovy and can compress an insane amount of dB’s without sounding bad. The CL 1B plug-ins by Softube are the only Tube-Tech plug-ins that are fully endorsed by Tube-Tech. This version requires no DSP hardware but uses the same outstanding modeling technology and algorithms as the famous Tube-Tech CL 1B plug-in for TDM and PowerCore (distributed by TC Electronic). The sound is of course just as fantastic as its predecessor. With this unprecedented accuracy, down to details such as the precise VU meter behaviour, the Tube-Tech CL 1B plug-in is definitely in a league of its own.

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                • Tube-Tech PE 1C v1.0.1 VST RTAS WiN-AiR
                  11 November 2020
                  Categories: RTAS, Softube, VST, WiNDOWS

                  Tube-Tech PE 1C v1.0.1 VST RTAS WiN-AiR

                  Tube-Tech PE 1C WiN

                  TEAM AiR | 10/2010 | 13.21 MB

                  The Tube-Tech PE 1C is a passive, tube-based equalizer suitable for many different sources ranging from magesy download bass drums and guitars to vocals. The equalizer features a Low Frequency section made up of two low shelf filters which can be combined to attenuate and boost at the same time. These filters are actually bit apart in frequency even if they are controlled by the same frequency selector. The High Frequency section has a peak and shelving filter working in parallel, which provides a smooth top end while not getting too bright.The ability to combine the different filters and sections is what gives the PE 1C its characteristic sound and is something which plays a crucial part in explaining the classic Pultec sound.

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                  • Variavision Tech House MULTiFORMAT
                    11 November 2020

                    Variavision Tech House MULTiFORMAT

                    Variavision Tech House MULTiFORMAT

                    FANTASTiC | Nov 18 2016 | 696 MB

                    Variavision Tech House – a cult exploration into the technical side of House, featuring rolling bass, chunky drums, crisp percussion and funky melodies. This collection comes direct from magesy download Italy’s Variavision and is ready to be put to work in your next Tech House track. Variavision Tech House is brand new royalty free sample collection of over 700mb and fuses the modern Tech House sound with analogue goodness, mixing in some classic 80’s retro vibe for good measure. The collection features 200+ loops including classic Moog bass lines, floaty Wurlitzer riffs, warm Rhodes piano, bright Korg M1 piano, chunky guitar-licks, retro synths and a booty load of jackin’ drums & percussive grooves. Add to that an inspirational selection of stuttered vocal cuts, FX sweeps and falls, robotic glitches, big exploding impacts and laser sounds you have everything you need to build full Tech House productions.

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                    • Tech Tips Vol.50 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
                      11 November 2020
                      Categories: Tutorials

                      Tech Tips Vol.50 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

                      Tech Tips Vol.50

                      SYNTHiC4TE | May 14 2020 | 1.04 GB

                      Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 50!! That’s over 500 Tech Tips now available to watch on Sonic Academy! For this 50th celebration we’ve asked some familiar Sonic Academy faces to come back and share their favourite tips including Protoculture, Dom Kane, Owsey, Dirty Secretz, Bluffmunkey, King Unique, P-LASK, and of course our very own Chris Agnelli and Phil Johnston. Get some awesome workflow tips from magesy download the pros to take your skillz to the next level! Check it out!

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                      • Neuro Tech DnB Production TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
                        7 November 2020
                        Categories: Tutorials

                        Neuro Tech DnB Production TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

                        Neuro Tech DnB Production

                        Team DECiBEL | 09 May 2020 | 1.51 GB

                        With his technical mastery of production and highly critical ear, Proxima is one of the leading figures in Drum & Bass today. His music rapidly caught the attention of popular labels, leading to his first release on Renegade back in 2008. Since then, he has been a regular artist on the roster of Tempa, Shogun Audio and more recently Icicle’s label Entropy. In this online course, Proxima takes students on a journey as he sculpts a twisted Neuro Tech DnB track from magesy download scratch. Practically every one of the musical parts, including basses, leads, FX and even drums, are created using Live Suite instruments like Analog, Operator, Collision and Wavetable. Students can therefore expect to be treated to a huge wealth of sound design expertise and insight, as each sound is carefully crafted from magesy download an initialised state. In addition to sound design, Proxima shares his invaluable mixing and arrangement tips, showing how to achieve a perfect balance throughout a track. Using audio processing and automation to great magesy torrent effect, he demonstrates how to juxtapose sounds to create melodic and rhythmic interest, whilst delivering a satisfyingly gnarly and devastating groove, guaranteed to have a dancefloor rocking!

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